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Printing and Dyeing

As part of my making journey I have continued to grow my textiles based skills to add colour, shape, texture and pattern to a garment. In the past, particularly in my 'Lulworth Ghostly Dancers' project, I have experimented with breaking down, hand dyeing and puff binder to create sea washed, destroyed by the elements effect - inspired by the surrounding environment. Also featured below are some examples and experiments from my Japanese Jūnihitoe recreation. I wanted to look into natural and traditional dyeing techniques, used during the Heian period, such as safflower dyeing. Each piece I submerged for different intervals so that I could achieve different densities of yellow, replicating the aesthetic of 'kasane no irome'. Also being unable to source patterned fabric accurate to the Heian period, I designed my own based from dress research and then had the sublimation printed.

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