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From analog to digital, pro markers to procreate view my costume design work as I develop my skills both on and off paper. Featuring artwork from my book 'Tracing Traditional Garments'.

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InDesign Books

Wanting to present my research into Japanese dress culture in a way that others could follow easily, I decided to teach myself InDesign and create a costume history based book 'Tracing Traditional Garments'. I have continued to use this style in my recent projects.

Making and Tailoring

Originally set on being a designer, I found I took for granted the skills I had learnt in making and tailoring. Therefore, I have used these last few years to focus on growing my skill set in pattern drafting, fittings and construction and have found a new passion for making.



During my BA I took on the role of costume designer and wardrobe supervisor for the grad film ‘Passenger’. This was an invaluable on set experience particularly trying to navigate the rules and regulations of COVID-19.

Printing and Dyeing

Throughout my journey in costume I have set out to add a number of techniques to my tool belt. From dyeing to printing, breaking down to puff binder.

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