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Lulworth's Ghostly Dancer


Foundation Degree Art and Design


Summer 2018


Alice McNicholas


Erin Batten

'He claims to have heard a scream coming from the shore. When looking out to see where the noises were coming from, he saw a group of young girls who appeared from the water, danced and then disappeared. '
(HauntedRooms, 2009)
In 1929 there was a great fire at Lulworth Castle, that destroyed most of the inner structure, the maidservants fled to the nearby coast, where they were believed to have drowned in the incoming tide. I based this costume on this story creating a 1930's maid style dress out of white cotton. I wanted to base my colour scheme on the surrounding environment to make the costume look a part of the cove. I then burnt the dress as following with the story, then used blue and purple dyes to create a water washed look, which I then worked into with puff binder and fine, thread fibres to create a textured seaweed, sea foam effect. I also used dyed tyvek to created a structured collar piece.

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